A great wedding glorifies the jubilant couple—while freeing them to make the most of this monumental day. But to make that look easy takes months of hard work and preparation. 

That’s where José Rolón comes in. A nuptial maestro, José specializes in bringing comfort to a process that’s famously filled with tough decisions and mounting stress. In doing so, he leaves his ego out, and gets the job done—step by easygoing step. 

A hospitality veteran (he’s opened two high-end restaurants), José planned his own successful wedding at the coveted Foundry, a top five NYC venue. Passionate about the venue, he joined the staff at the Foundry, rising to become a crucial and beloved member of the events team. He quickly made a name for his chill vibe and generous command, then left to start José Rolón Events. 

Some things that characterize José—and set him apart: 

  • He’s massively comfortable under great pressure. Bring it on!!
  • He’ll never oversell you—whether it’s a vendor’s services, or his own.
  • He cools hot tempers with a kindness and composure that are contagious.
  • He’s a foodie. So he treats food as a priority—not an afterthought.                                                    
  • He uses a surprising secret weapon: generosity. Instead of channeling a drill sergeant, José first asks, "what can I do to help?"
  • He’s has a love for dance. This is why he hooks up all of his couples with a choreographer for their first dance.
  • You’ll never find him with a headset, running, or being dramatic. He does his work with the necessary stealth…and class. 
  • He has infallible solutions for last-minute emergencies (a misplaced birdcage veil? grooming kit for the hungover groom? José has them in hand).



Angela Ortiz - Event Coordinator 

Hello, I'm Angela. I'm the one who makes José look good!  I keep him organized and on task!  On your wedding day, it's me you'll see along side José making sure you're set up powerfully at the start of your day; from setting up your hair and makeup team with their needs to making sure you and your bridal party are fed and hydrated.  Always on hand with José's emergency kit for anything that may arise; a snapped strap?  Out comes the sewing kit!  A hungover groom?  Out comes the pharmacy!  Maid of honor trips with a glass of wine on your dress?  Out comes a sliced bagel!  No really, this works.  During your event, I'm there to make sure things are setup where it needs to be.  It's entertaining to have José ask if something's done such as your favor/gift table or have prepared your second dress to get into.  I laugh and lovingly roll my eyes as I'm always one step ahead of him--it's my job!  BONUS: I've been labeled as The Bustle Queen! 


Annie tran - junior EVENT COORDINATOR

Hello!  So I was brought on board last summer as an intern when things got busier around José Rolón Events.  Mostly to assist Angela who took me under her  wing and taught me all the ins and outs while José did what he did best.  After leaving last summer to go back to school, I've returned as a junior event coordinator!  This time, I'll also be heading up some of our social media. Stay tuned! 


Sivan Fraiman - intern

As the new gal in town, I'm excited to join the team this year and learn more about this industry.  First wedding with JRE was in January for a David Beahm event at The Plaza--talk about being thrown into the fire!  José says it's all downhill from here, but I'm not convinced!  Coming from Florida, my first goal is to bring some sunshine into these winter months as we prepare for the busy Spring season.  

 Go to our packages & faq's to learn more, including how José Rolón can choreograph your wedding, too!