A great wedding glorifies the jubilant couple—while freeing them to make the most of this monumental day. But to make that look easy takes months of hard work and preparation. 

That’s where José Rolón comes in. A nuptial maestro, José specializes in bringing comfort to a process that’s famously filled with tough decisions and mounting stress. In doing so, he leaves his ego out, and gets the job done—step by easygoing step. 

A hospitality veteran (he’s opened two high-end restaurants), José planned his own successful wedding at the coveted Foundry, a top five NYC venue. Passionate about the venue, he joined the staff at the Foundry, rising to become a crucial and beloved member of the events team. He quickly made a name for his chill vibe and generous command, then left to start José Rolón Events. 

Some things that characterize José—and set him apart: 

  • He’s massively comfortable under great pressure. Bring it on!!

  • He’ll never oversell you—whether it’s a vendor’s services, or his own.

  • He cools hot tempers with a kindness and composure that are contagious.

  • He’s a foodie. So he treats food as a priority—not an afterthought.

  • He uses a surprising secret weapon: generosity. Instead of channeling a drill sergeant, José first asks, "what can I do to help?"

  • He’s has a love for dance. This is why he hooks up all of his couples with a choreographer for their first dance.

  • You’ll never find him with a headset, running, or being dramatic. He does his work with the necessary stealth…and class.

  • He has infallible solutions for last-minute emergencies (a misplaced birdcage veil? grooming kit for the hungover groom? José has them in hand).




Lesley Gerber - Events director

Hi! I’m Lesley — the one who makes José look good and your wedding day dreams come true! José and I worked together when my now-husband and I hired him to be our wedding planner for our September 2015 nuptials at The Foundry. Today, that experience gives me an in-depth understanding of what you, your partner and family need to ease any planning-related stress and provide peace of mind leading up to the big day. I take the greatest pleasure in working with the people who make each wedding deeply personal and unique to every couple, while bringing your vision to life. Seriously, you’re in good hands with us.


Mackenzie McCort - Social media and marketing coordinator

Hey I’m Mackenzie! You know the beautiful weddings José orchestrates with his couples? It’s my job to get those published and him recognized! I’m likely the one responding to your emails about business collaborations, videos with José, and wedding publications-but if you haven’t met me yet, be on the lookout for the girl attached to her coffee at all times. Although I focus more on the business side of wedding planning, I’m still in love with love. I’m always here to help you and the team with anything needed so you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.


Marilyn day - events assistant

Hey guys I’m Marilyn! I am a student at Pace University and I’m here to learn about all things weddings! José has taught me so much about the wedding industry, but mostly he stresses the importance of relationships between us and our clients. So what do I do as an Events Assistant? I try to make sure everybody stays on track and everything gets done. Need help with your seating chart design? I’m on it!  Worried you might miss the cocktail hour food? I already have a plate made for you both. I’m there in the background the entire day of your wedding to ensure all the little details come together beautifully.


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