We did full planning with Jose Rolon for our wedding. Working with Jose was a wonderful experience. First and foremost, he is a very nice person who is fun to be around. He has a family and we loved getting to know him. We came to him with a vision of a slightly unconventional wedding that was still refined and heartfelt. He suggested vendors he knew and trusted, all of which were of exceptional quality and helped shape our vision closer and closer to a reality. His team kept us organized, on task, and on budget, all of which are extremely difficult to do when planning a wedding. On the day of our wedding, Jose was more than thorough, professional and everything went off perfectly. He was on top of everything, made sure all of the family members and guests were taken care of and that we (Ryan and I) had everything we needed! He was the best decision we made after picking our date! I am so glad we used him and only hope to have another event in the future, that we could have an excuse to hire him for!

Laura & RYAN

MARRIED 9/7/15

We did full planning with Jose Rolon for our wedding. Working with Jose was a wonderful experience. First and foremost, he is a very nice person who is fun to be around. He has a family and we loved getting to know him. We came to him with a vision of a slightly unconventional wedding that was still refined and heartfelt. He suggested vendors he knew and trusted, all of which were of exceptional quality and helped shape our vision closer and closer to a reality. His team kept us organized, on task, and on budget, all of which are extremely difficult to do when planning a wedding. On the day of our wedding, Jose was more than thorough, professional and everything went off perfectly. He was on top of everything, made sure all of the family members and guests were taken care of and that we (Ryan and I) had everything we needed! He was the best decision we made after picking our date! I am so glad we used him and only hope to have another event in the future, that we could have an excuse to hire him for!



MARRIED 8/15/15

Jose was absolutely amazing. We hired him as a month-of planner, and honestly I do not know what I would have done without him. He went so above and beyond what we hired him for - sending me vendor recommendations and giving me advice months before he was even scheduled to fully take over. When the month of the wedding finally came around, Jose seamlessly took control of all of my vendor contacts and I did not have to even think. He made an easy to follow timeline for me and my bridal party and coordinated everything for the whole day. On the day of our wedding I did not have to worry about a single thing, and the few requests I had on the day of were taken care of immediately. I could not have asked for better! Most importantly, it was so great to work with such a kind, passionate, funny person who made me feel like our event was incredibly special and important to him. It is rare to meet someone who not only impresses you on a professional level but also on a personal level. Thank you, Jose!!!

-Emma and Dave

As an out of town mother of the bride, I chose Jose Rolon for our month-of planner. My daughter and I were so happy we chose Jose! Jose is extremely organized, reachable, pleasant, and the consummate problem solver. Besides being involved in every detail (if needed!), Jose is intuitive about what the couple wants overall, having gotten to know the bride and groom. There is much more to being an event planner than just organizing and planning. For the day to be enjoyable, and express the "vibe" of the couple, there must be a momentum to pulling all of the details together in a cohesive way. My daughter and son in law's wedding flowed beautifully, and our guests told us afterwards how "elegant and fun" it was - not an easy balance to achieve, which could not have been accomplished without Jose's expertise. Jose is a joy to work with - our entire family loved him, and felt extremely comfortable asking any questions, etc. My only regret is that in retrospect, and having gotten to know Jose, we should have engaged his services from the start (not only for month of), so that we could have had more time with him! He is an integral part of our wedding memories and made it a great day!

- Marjorie (Emma's mom)



MARRIED 8/8/15


If you want a low-key, cool, professional wedding planner, Jose is your guy! I'm pretty Type A and wanted to handle a lot of details myself. He knew when to push and when to be hands off. On the day of the wedding, he was such a calming influence on me an my entire family. everything went off without a hitch thanks to Jose and team. And the inevitable things that went wrong, I never knew about and he just handled impeccably! He is the best and we would highly recommend him to any couple getting married in NY! No nonsense, no huge entourage, just hard work, a great eye and a great personality...exactly what you need on a such a stressful day.



MARRIED 6/20/14

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.03.34 PM.png

I absolutely cannot recommend José enough. We signed up for José’s Full Planning package and it was the best money we spent for the entire event. José’s expertise and relaxed attitude make him the ideal person to have at your side as you plan what has the potential to be a very stressful event. José is responsive, knowledgable, flexible, thoughtful, generous, patient and loving. I guarantee you will not regret the day you book José as your planner. I’ll give one example that I think says it all. Five months before our wedding, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Two months before our wedding, it became clear that unless we moved the whole event, my dad would not be able to attend (let alone enjoy the party) because of the timing of his radiation treatments. After an emotional night dealing with this realization, my first call in the morning was to José. Literally within hours, José had dropped everything and rescheduled the entire event to the day 2 months later when my dad would be feeling well enough to attend. When I say he rescheduled the whole event, I mean, the whole event. The venue, the caterer, the photographer, the band, the florist, the photo booth, our hotel room. Everything. We did not loose a single vendor and they all waived the change fee (we had the most wonderful vendors, they were all incredibly kind and understanding - not a coincidence, they were all José’s recommendations). That was the moment I realized that José was a superhero. I guess I’m biased but I’m pretty sure our wedding was the best wedding ever. José made the whole thing run like clock work. I didn’t think about a single detail on the day of, knowing José had it all under control. And best of all, my dad and I were able to have our father daughter dance. José is a miracle worker. I’m looking forward to the day he releases a package for full service life planning, not just wedding planning. I’ll be the first to sign up.



MARRIED 9/14/13

Jose Rolon was our savior, wrapped up in an extremely organized package, sporting a handsome vest! From our first meeting to the end of the wedding night, Jose was professional, funny, lovable, and on top of that, the best coordinator I've ever dealt with! 

The morning of the wedding Jose and his lovely assistant arrived to our hotel to find 150 Dough doughnuts littering the entirety of the room. He immediately started stuffing them into our give-away bags, allowing me to sit back, sip my coffee and get ready for the biggest day of my life. He made the entire process seem seamless, even cleaning the back of my dress before I walked down the aisle, because it had gotten dirty getting to the venue. He thought of everything and made the night magical. 

The "icing on the wedding cake" if you will, was when he accompanied my sister at 2AM in the morning after the wedding to my apartment in Bushwick, carried 2 HUGE suitcases full of our wedding stuff, my HUGE dress, and all the left over booze up 4 FLIGHTS of stairs, needless to say Jose was the 2nd most important man at my wedding (besides my handsome groom!) I would recommend Jose to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!! We love you Jose!!



MARRIED 11/8/13

Stop! Do yourself the biggest favor and hire Jose. He's amazing -- he's so warm, friendly, and so much fun, not to mention a fantastic planner. We signed on with Jose for day-of help and that is just silly. He goes WAY above and beyond that. Jose was in contact with us from the moment we met, months before our wedding. Whenever I needed advice about a vendor or an idea for a rehearsal dinner location Jose was there to help. He was there for our walkthrough, a mini tablecloth "crisis" at the rental company 2 weeks before, and more. He kept us organized and sane and made it so much fun along the way. And the day of?! Jose was the best wedding gift we received. He will have you more organized than you thought you would ever be on your wedding day. He is so mellow and calmly tackles any little glitches that you won't believe how relaxed and calm you'll be. He lets you enjoy your own wedding! We didn't have to lift a finger -- the second we couldn't find something he found it. The second we started to get a little warm, the A/C was adjusted. The second our photographers left, Jose was on the dance floor taking Polaroid after Polaroid to make sure we could enjoy ourselves and have amazing photos to take home with us. And after all of that, Jose has gone above and beyond to help us to hunt down lost items left in a random car service -- for days! We got so many compliments about our wedding, but also about Jose! Everyone working with him loves him and he treats everyone with so much kindness and respect. He's so fantastic and you will love him!


Brigit & Jonathan

MARRIED 12/01/12


Besides the man I married, Jose was the best decision I had made at my wedding! 

When we hired and started working with Jose, all that stress melted away. We had the ability to begin focusing on simply enjoying the planning and reveling in the events leading up to the wedding because we knew we had such a dedicated, trustworthy, communicative, and detail-oriented person helping us through it all. Once Jose was on the job, anything that came up turned into, "Hey, let's ask Jose, and he'll help us," and then with a quick email or phone call all problems were solved. But the best part is that the problems were solved and the wedding day was planned in a calm and lovely way. Jose is so sweet, and goes about his life and work with a sense of humor and an open heart, and this comes through in how he interacts with us brides and grooms. He seems to genuinely enjoy helping make your big day perfect, approaching wedding planning with an appreciation of romance and what the day means to a couple. To give you a sense of how delightful Jose is to be around and have be a part of your wedding, not only did he make my worries disappear on my wedding day, but our bridal party (particularly our parents!) adored him and still ask how he's doing! 

A quick anecdote. A few days before the wedding my hair stylist cancelled. In any other situation, I probably would have freaked out. But instead, I emailed Jose. Within a half an hour, I had another hair stylist. And upon googling her, I thought, "Wait, why didn't I go with this place originally?" He not only managed to squeeze me into a high-end parlor's busy schedule, but the place he found was very "me" – he knew my style and what I wanted, and he made it happen. This is quintessential Jose. 


Mikey & Andrew

MARRIED 08/31/13


My husband and I wed in late August of 2013 and used José as a month-of coordinator (though what we got from him was much more than an month and much more than a coordinator).  We both agree that bringing José on was the best wedding decision we made outside of getting married to each other.  

José was professional, organized, calm and clearly in love with what he does. He checked in with me consistently, kept every vendor clear on details and expectations and never let me sweat the small stuff. The devil is in the details and José has a magical way of not only dealing with them but also keeping them in perspective. 

On the big day, José was with me the entire time, keeping the day fun and light but also on schedule. He was texting with my groom the whole morning, keeping his nerves in check and his spirits high. I was not a terribly nervous bride but moments before I walked down the aisle I felt overwhelmed - as if I'd forgotten all my lines- despite not having lines. I looked at José and said 'you have to tell me what I need to do to because I can't remember anything.' He smiled at me and said 'you've got this- you look amazing and I'm right here' and proceeded to remind me how to put one foot in front of the other and walk towards the love of my life. Once the ceremony was over José set aside food, bubbly and privacy for my new husband and I to have a little time together and then we went and joined the party- and what a party it was.  It is because of José that I was able to be a guest at my own wedding and enjoy everything from the food and the photo-booth to the dance floor. 

I can't recommend using José enough- he truly took all the worry out of wedding planning and allowed both me and my (now) husband to put our energy towards our family, each other and making memories that last a lifetime. José is not just understanding, responsive and kind, he is also one heck of a dancer and a hopeless romantic- how can you ask for anything more?


Abe & Frank

MARRIED 05/04/13


We can’t begin to describe how amazing Jose is, and how invaluable he was in making our wedding as wonderful as it was. The consummate professional, Jose went above and beyond the call of duty, time and again; problem solving for endless situations we hadn’t anticipated, mediating disagreements arising between various vendors, organizing the many moving pieces well in advance of the wedding itself, and causing the day of the wedding to be executed flawlessly. He’s also extremely sweet and charming (and handsome!) to boot. Unquestionably, one of the best decisions we made throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Side note: And to think, he did all this with a newborn.  What a rockstar!  We love him and will undoubtedly be seeing him in the near future.


Christina & Steve

MARRIED: 09/27/11

We are so grateful to Jose for helping us pull off our dream wedding, despite Hurricane Irene's best efforts! From our first meeting, we could tell Jose was genuinely interested in getting to know us as a couple, and his warm and easy-going personality made it easy for us to share our vision for our wedding. Whether he was recommending excellent vendors or helping us visualize how to stage the venue, Jose was always available to answer our questions (usually within a few hours!) and his attention to detail really showed in his thoughtful responses that reflected our tastes. When we found out the day before our wedding that Hurricane Irene would change our plans from an outdoor tented event to an indoor one, Jose was there to help ensure that the last-minute changes allowed us to have everything on our wishlist without having to compromise our vision. On our wedding day, Jose was a calming, yet cheerful and reassuring presence amidst the storm, who made sure things went smoothly behind the scenes. Needless to say, with Jose's help, our wedding was a spectacular event that we will never forget!


Samantha & Steven

MARRIED 09/07/13

Our wedding was perfect in every sense of the word, thanks to Jose Rolon Events. Until working with Jose, I never realized just how important having a Day-Of Coordinator was. Quite frankly, we couldn't afford to not have Jose. He delivered us a seamless wedding and peace of mind, all with a smile, and the utmost professionalism. The title of "Day-Of Coordinator" is an absolute understatement when it comes to Jose- he is extraordinary, going above and beyond in every way. He was just so approachable, responsive, and eager to help in every way. So many details of our wedding came about thanks to Jose's guidance, and yet, our wedding never felt like a cookie cutter production- it wholly and uniquely reflected us as a couple. If you're looking for an Event Planner, Month-Of or Day-Of, there is absolutely no question that Jose Rolon Events is the way to go. I say this as the Editor-in-Chief of Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition magazine: Jose is truly one-of-a-kind, and it just doesn't get any better than JRE


Chris and Priyanka

MARRIED 09/06/11

José, you were a dream to work with throughout. Much more than what we expected! I'll never forget our trip to Pearl River Mart. Whether or not we got everything on the checklist, the chat afterwards really eased my nerves and it was so nice to talk with you on that day. All along, Jose, you assured us things would go smoothly, and the care you took to ensure this was invaluable to us. 
On the wedding day, you were amazing! When my veil was M.I.A., you ran to Lovely and got me a replacement. When my dress strap broke, you produced a sewing kit out of nowhere! You did a great job of making sure we had drinks at all times, and I can't thank you enough for alerting me that there was only an hour of dancing left and that I had better drop that dangerously loaded plate of desserts and get my butt out there and shake it!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Sarah and Steve

MARRIED 03/23/13

Jose, I would like to sincerely thank you for everything you did to make Sarah and Steve's wedding fabulous. The time you spent getting to know all of us and figuring out what we wanted made me feel confident that our vision would be carried out with style, grace and professionalism. And, it was! You made March 23rd a very special day for everyone.

-Marilyn (Sarah's Mom)


Juliette & Hiassam

MARRIED 05/24/12

My wedding went off without a hitch and that was due mainly to the knowledge and experience of Jose Rolon. Everything was taken care of with seamless precision and when something unexpected came up, Jose took care of it with smooth professionalism that it never escalated to a big issue. I could not have been happier with my wedding and I would highly recommend him.


Real Food Catering

Jose Rolon loves making connections with people and that's what makes him one of the best event planners we work with. He not only cares  for the happiness of the couples who hire him, but also for each and every guest at a celebration.

What gives Jose a big advantage in event planning is his venue management experience. He's seen the needs of hundreds of couples, worked with countless  vendors, and understands what it takes to ensure a seamless and positive party. He injects a high level of professionalism and sincere  care for each and every event we've worked with him on .

Jose's passion  is crystal clear and a joy to be around.  We can't express just how good he is at what he does and that's why we recommend him to our couples.

-Yen of Real Food Catering


Annie & Scott

MARRIED 04/29/12

Dear José, 
We have to thank you for the phenomenal job you did for us both during the reception & the months leading up to it. You were so patient & gracious to both of us (+plus my very involved mother!). The reception exceeded our expectations & we can't thank you enough for your help in that! Thanks for all your attention during the wedding, José - you did a fantastic job! 


MiRi & Noel

Married 09/31/12

I have the pleasure of knowing Jose since my freshman year in college. We've kept in touch throughout the years, and following each other's exciting career progress in NYC. So when I found out I needed a venue for my wedding in a less than 2 months, Jose was the first person I called. Knowing that he worked at one of New York's premiere event spaces was an absolute coup. I knew from the beginning that I was in good hands, and throughout the short, whirlwind of wedding planning, Jose made sure that he was available to answer any question I had, no matter how big or small the inquiry. When it came time for the big day, when little issues arose (as they inevitably do) and people brought them to my attention, Jose was keen on running interference and assuring me that he would take care of it. I'm not sure how he did it, but he was always at the right place at the right time!   As a result, we had a phenomenal experience with virtually no stress on my part!

I know I was fortunate to personally know Jose before our wedding, but I also know that most people who meet Jose feel like they've known him for years. I'm honored to recommend him as an event planner, and would trust him with any other major event I'd throw that needs to be fabulous and refined.


Shelly & Brian

Married 06/22/13

Wedding Wire Review: "I actually didn't officially use Jose as my wedding planner, but he was my venue contact back when he worked at the Foundry, and I loved him so much I just had to put in a good word! 

Everytime I called Jose with a question, he would listen to me with endless patience and offer up so much advice - from the planning approach to vendor recommendations that were a good fit for my wedding style and personality. He went beyond the call of duty and gave me tons of ideas and gave me much peace of mind. After he started his own gig and was no longer my contact at the venue, I was devastated! Honestly, he was my favorite person to work with and I was so sad just thinking about him not being a part of my wedding day. But having said that, I'm ecstatic to see Jose Rolon Events take off and will recommend him without any reservations to any bride looking for a smart, savvy, and personable wedding planner who will put you at ease and make this process fun for you!"


The Raging Skillet

I have had the pleasure of working with José on several weddings and have been knocked out every time.
One wedding that comes to mind is when a friend of a groom who was to do the music (rather than a professional DJ) had the wrong date! José jumped into action and managed to download all the bride and groom’s favorite music into his IPod and into the sound system. The party was so rocking, not one of the guests noticed the DJ was two hours late!
He is also one of the very few planners who actually carries a needle and thread, and knows how to use them! I personally witnessed him go from day-of coordinator to tailor when a quick fix was needed for a bridal party dress.
He is smart, sweet, and a great hand holder, but my favorite thing about José is his honesty with his clients. He will always tell you the truth and never try to steam roll you with his own agenda, a rare and wonderful thing.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.
-Chef Rossi of The Raging Skillet


Poppies & Posies

Finding a good wedding planner in New York is a hard thing to do.  We are so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Jose Rolon as he is one of the few great ones! His attention to detail, professionalism, and charisma are unparalleled.  We could not recommend him more highly and can't wait to work with him more in the future.

-Juliet & Sierra of Poppies & Posies