Fall Wedding Trends

Happy fall y’all! With fall officially being underway, what better topic to cover than fall wedding trends!

Your wedding is just that- your wedding. There are no rules when it comes to your big day; if you want to wear a violet dress down the aisle, go for it! If you don’t want a first dance, scratch it out. Personalize your wedding the way you want it. However, if you’re looking for a bit of fall inspiration to add to those personalized touches, we’ve got you covered. Check out 5 of our favorite wedding trends you’ll be seeing more of this season.

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1.       Copper

Yes, copper has been "in" for a while, but José recently did a wedding with copper accents, and it turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. The copper played well against the lighting and greenery, amplifying it more than silver could have without distracting from the overall look. Its slightly industrial look works beautifully in open spaces, and is a rather inexpensive option for those on a budget.

translucent elements.jpg

2.       Transparent Elements

Think The Glasshouses. What better way to see the warm fall sunset and be surrounded by changing leaves than to choose a venue, or tent, you can see through. At hotels like The Parker, you can look out to the lush tree tops in central park on your left while catching a glimpse of the NY skyline on your right. If you can’t incorporate transparency into your venue, try putting your cake on a tall Lucite cube; you’ll bring attention to the grandiose designs in a chic, minimalist way.

jackie_mike_1269.jpg jose rolon events

3.       New food

While three course meals are still all the rage, we’re beginning to see couples opt for foods they love as a way to incorporate their personalities into the big day. Taco trucks at midnight, sushi for dinner, and ice cream during cocktail hour are all fun ways to break away from the traditional meals. Mike and Jackie brought in a Mister Softee truck for their guests to enjoy, and everyone went crazy over it. If your wedding is scheduled for the colder months, try a hot coco bar! Guests will love you for it, and you’ll love having a steady supply of marshmallows to pop in your mouth while you jump from table to table.

Jose Rolon Events

4.       Vibe over pallet

If you’re one of those people that describe things by how they feel rather than what they look like, then this one is for you.  Instead of focusing on color palettes, couples this fall will be focusing on the theme of their wedding. Rustic Chic, Boho Romantic, Modern Elegance, and Brooklyn Charm like José's couple above, will all have a place at this year’s weddings. If you’re worried about clashing colors or décor, try making a Pinterest board of ideas. You’ll be able to see pictures side by side and get a taste of what works and what doesn’t. Or you could just hire José 😉

groomsmen kissing bold colors.jpg

5.       Bold Prints and Colors

One of my favorite trends has got to be the bold colors grooms have been wearing. A burgundy tuxedo with groomsmen in gray suits is absolutely stunning, especially for a fall wedding. If you aren’t daring enough to wear red on your wedding day, try a brighter shade of blue. José’s couple Mike and Roy wore Navy and Cobalt blue suits, and it looked amazing. My favorite part about this trend is definitely it’s flexibility—even for casual weddings, this trend has a place. If you’re opting out of wearing a tux, try pairing your suit jacket with bright pants. Better yet, lose the jacket all together and choose a neutral shirt with printed pants

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