As a josé rolón events exclusive, all packages include 3 specialty items. 

A personalized first wedding dance in just three dance sessions from Juilliard-trained choreographer Ranardo-Domeico Grays, an old-school shave for the groom from The New York Shaving Company.




Partial Planning. It’s your wedding, and you’ve started flawlessly. The venue is stunning, the invitations breathtaking, and the caterer will blow away Auntie May. The beginning of your perfect day. But when the clock starts winding down and you’re overwhelmed with loose ends, José will step in to take care of the rest. From photography to cake, he'll be there to lend you his expertise, deep connections, and nitty-gritty detail work, including mapping out the day (and ensuring all vendors fall in line), reviewing documentation, liaising with wedding party and crucial family members, and even handling last-minute nerves or emergencies.



Full Planning. Searching for a partner to help you create the most romantic day on earth? Look to us for the skill and flair. We'll take your ideas and build upon them, from hunting for a venue and caterer to negotiating with vendors, creating budgets, mapping out room diagrams, and coordinating rehearsals. We'll even review your contracts, reading the fine print so you don't have to. Our Full Planning Package is all-inclusive, like a five-star luxury resort. José will be there the day of, and available two weeks before the wedding (or “crunch time”, as we like to call it) to calm frazzled nerves and alleviate any potential crises. It's his job is to make sure the day goes without a hitch--and that you enjoy yourselves as much as your guests will.



Sunset helicopters over the Hudson. Gourmet basket lunches on secluded park benches. A rooftop proposal with a piano--and a carefully hidden wedding photographer. Surprise guests!! José Rolón can help you conceive a proposal that you'll talk about even longer than the wedding...unless he helps to plan that, too. Our Surprise Proposal Package springs from Jose's natural flair and deep sense of romance. Bring your ideas: we'll help to flesh them out, then make them happen. We'll also suggest how you can weave in little touches, like chilled Dom, a relic from a favorite TV show, a moment for laughter, a long-standing request. The end result is something as unforgettable as it should be!


All José Rolón Wedding Packages include three perks:





Here at José Rolón Events, we believe in setting our couples up powerfully through health and wellness. As a new initiative, all our couples will receive a wellness package with all our planning services. Package includes 1-on-1 coaching, aromatherapy, and/or mat Pilates in the comfort of your own home! Whatever your lifestyle needs are whether it’s surrounding physical, emotional, or mental well-being, Melanie Kotcher will be your guide to looking and feeling your personal best on your wedding day!

Meeting Melanie Kotcher 8 weeks (or earlier) prior to wedding day: 

60-minute wellness consult for each couple 

(3) 45-minute HIIT Pilates sessions + 15-minute coaching for each couple

30-minute debriefing coaching session for each couple


60-minute wellness consult for each couple 

(2) 1-on-1 45-minute coaching sessions (per person) with aromatherapy

30-minute debriefing coaching session for each couple



Three one and half hour dance lessons with Julliard-trained, professional, and fabulous Ranardo-Domeico Grays. A choreographed first dance will leave your wedding guests breathless. Because José believes all eyes should be on you on your special day. 



Doesn’t the groom deserve a little pampering? After all, it’s his wedding, too. José thinks so, and that’s why he includes a traditional shave from the New York Shaving Co. with each package. Relax before your wedding with a shave and a hot towel, and leave with a fun little goodie bag and a smooth, clean, photogenic face.


We have always been fans of capturing moments on video. From now on, all of our couple will receive a free virtual guestbook with any package they choose. Think of Tribute as the "video guestbook." easiest way to collect videos of your guests sharing heartfelt messages of love and support! Couldn't think of a better partnership to create meaningful experience!


*For more about Ranardo-Domeico Gray's company and stellar career, check out VISIONS Contemporary &!