Partial Planning. It’s your wedding, and you’ve started flawlessly. The venue is stunning, the invitations breathtaking, and the caterer will blow away Auntie May. The beginning of your perfect day. But when the clock starts winding down and you’re overwhelmed with loose ends, José will step in to take care of the rest. From photography to cake, he'll be there to lend you his expertise, deep connections, and nitty-gritty detail work, including mapping out the day (and ensuring all vendors fall in line), reviewing documentation, liaising with wedding party and crucial family members, and even handling last-minute nerves or emergencies.



Full Planning. Searching for a partner to help you create the most romantic day on earth? Look to us for the skill and flair. We'll take your ideas and build upon them, from hunting for a venue and caterer to negotiating with vendors, creating budgets, mapping out room diagrams, and coordinating rehearsals. We'll even review your contracts, reading the fine print so you don't have to. Our Full Planning Package is all-inclusive, like a five-star luxury resort. José will be there the day of, and available two weeks before the wedding (or “crunch time”, as we like to call it) to calm frazzled nerves and alleviate any potential crises. It's his job is to make sure the day goes without a hitch--and that you enjoy yourselves as much as your guests will.