Love is in the Air

Your centerpieces bring an air of sophistication as roses are interwoven with white hydrangeas in a tall, frosted Lucite vase. You’ve mastered the art of the rose curtain by hanging brightly hued flowers on invisible strings to mimic a Vogue-like photo-op, and you’ve tastefully placed crimson table runners around the space to pull it all together; your love inspired party has given even the most cynical singles that feeling of magical realism romance novels write about. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or a fun celebration, the hostess in you wants to give guests a parting gift without making everyone feel like an arrow wielding baby threw up on them. Here are a few favor ideas that will leave your guests feeling like they’ve been brushed (not punched) by Cupid.


1.     Red printed Haikus

For my Valentine’s themed 40th birthday celebration, I brought in the Haiku Guys for all my guests. Give them any word, phrase, or sentiment, and they’ll craft a haiku for you on the spot using an old-fashioned typewriter. Replace the typewriting ribbon to have red print, and guests will leave with a reminder of your evening they can hold on to well after Cupid’s arrows have worn off.


2.     Red, pink, and mauve toned Macarons

Although they don’t last past the Uber home, edible favors are always a crowd pleaser. Turn a classic treat into a Valentine’s day affair by ordering a variety of red, pink, and muave hued macarons for guests to take with them as they leave. A recent non-valentine’s day wedding we did included this idea but took it one step further by printing sayings like “love is love” on the cookies. Package these sweets with a red ribbon for an even greater effect.

3. Flower Curtain

As if we’d tease you with the beautiful rose curtain above and not include an explanation. Everyone loves a good Instagram opportunity, so why not give them a favor that’s sure to rake in the likes. Hang red roses on invisible line to make for the perfect photo backdrop. Take it one step further by bringing in a photo booth that offers printable pictures on the spot with your wedding or event hashtag printed at the bottom. Guests will love feeling like they got to keep a piece of the party forever.