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How to Tell Your Love Story at Your Wedding Without Annoying Your Guests

“Not everyone has a romantic story of how they met — it might be a totally normal or funny scenario that brought them together,” says José Rolón of José Rolón Events in Brooklyn, New York.

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Cute Brooklyn Wedding Alert!

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How to Show Gratitude to Your Wedding Party

“Wedding parties play a major role not only in the couple’s lives but on their special, one-of-a-kind day.”

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A Colorful, Eclectic Wedding at The Foundry in New York City

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Last-Minute Wedding Jitters Are Totally Normal, but Here's How to Beat 'Em

"If you're feeling anxious, have an intimate slumber party with your best friend, maid of honor, or whoever you feel emotionally connected to. Talk through your fears and what's showing up for you emotionally."

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A Fun Urban Wedding

“This couple, Abe & Frank, wanted a wedding that was comfortable, fun and full of personality. They worked with Juliet and Sierra at Poppies & Posies and wedding planner José Rolón Events to create something special.”

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For Wedding Planners, Same-Sex Marriage Could Be a Boon to Business

"We're really kind of on edge just hoping that this thing will pass through," said Jose Rolon, media events coordinator at The Foundry, a popular wedding venue in Long Island City.”

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How to Plan a Wedding in Six Weeks

“Because they have a pretty large crew and are mobile, Oysters XO are usually available when we need them…”

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Featured Wedding

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Meet Jose Rolón of José Rolón Events

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Featured Wedding


Pier 25 Inspiration Shoot in NYC

On some of these walks I started to think of how there's been an interesting shift in our industry where engagement shoots are no longer a luxury item…”

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Brooklyn Engagement Shoot from Weddings By Two


Candlelit Fall Wedding at The Foundry


Moody Indoor Urban Wedding at The Foundry


Add a Dash of Kismet and Stir


Samantha Ewers, Steven Sendor


Tips for Building a Wedding Website

José Rolón, a wedding and events planner based in Brooklyn, says guests often miss the hashtag on the wedding day “because they didn’t catch it on your welcome table or the 4-by-6-inch bar sign.”

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22 Outdated Wedding Rules No One Follows Anymore

“More and more we’re seeing brides wanting to walk down the aisle with both parents which is beautiful,” says José Rolón of José Rolón Events. “We’re making more room for three person aisle. Also, grooms are now wanting to feel included in this and want to walk down with their parents as well.”

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Four Ways to Be Charitable on Your Wedding Day

"The easiest and best way to be charitable on your wedding day is contributing to good causes and giving your guests the opportunity to do the same. The Good Beginning is a wonderful platform that allows charity as part of your registry," says José Rolón, José Rolón Events.

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A glamorous Big Apple Jewish wedding with a chuppah overlooking the NYC skyline at Tribeca Rooftop, New York, USA


José Rolón Events

“We had a chance to ask José a few questions regarding the planning process and a few easy ways to incorporate style and flare into any wedding.”

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Real Super-Cool Hipster Wedding

“My favorite weddings are those where the bride and groom really stamp their sense of style on the day, and this couple are seriously hip!”

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Interview with Wedding Planner José Rolón from José Rolón Events

“Most would have buckled in the situation, but José is grace under pressure personified.”

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Memorable celebrations start here

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Elevated Inspiration for the Arch at Your Wedding Ceremony

“Framing some of the most noteworthy moments of your entire day, choosing the structure that’s right for you will not only kick-off your ceremony design, but…”

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This Industrial NYC Wedding at The Foundry Gets Modern Romance So Right

“Emma and David’s New York wedding at The Foundry totally nails modern romance! With the help of José Rolón Events, the couple decorated their industrial venue with tons of vibrant florals…”

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"Oysters XO is usually available when we need them...Three weeks before their wedding, this one couple wanted something special, and they came through."

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José Rolón, a wedding and events planner based in Brooklyn, says guests often miss the hashtag on the wedding day “because they didn’t catch it on your welcome table or the 4-by-6-inch bar sign.”


"Before starting his own company, Rolón planned lavish weddings at the Foundry. Today, he helps couples pull off their dream events”


"According to Jose of José Rolón Events the Foundry was appropriate for Jessa, perhaps less for her uptight, financier groom. "We tend to attract quirky, fun, artsy, nontraditional couples" says Rolón. "Rarely do we get Bridezillas, though we get Momzillas who are besides themselves their daughters aren't being married in a church!”"


“The Foundry lends itself to the ceremony you want,” says event planner José Rolón, who married his partner, Tim, in the space. “It’s all brick and steel, which has a masculine quality to it. Throw in 200 candles and you have a magical place.”


"The highest compliment I've ever received: Being told from the bride that, other than their husband, I was the best decision they ever made.”


"When you're assembling a team it's always ideal to chose talented folk who have a history of working well in that space”


"A little rain doesn't change the fact that you are marrying the love of your life... To say that I love this couple is an understatement. Not only are they beautiful, thoughtful, and generous, but together they are these attractive magnets that pull everything good towards them."



Building Your Business After Loss

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Best Practices for Working with Luxury Wedding Planners

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Do's and Don't of The Wedding Industry

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Growing your Business while Being a Single Parent.

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